Prayer circle

We are praying for the grieving Family and Friends of: 

Sandra Parsons ~ Novella Sorensen ~ Teresa G (Mother of Michael G.) ~ Rita E former member ~ Marsha W former member ~ an unexpectedly death in the family weeks ago, a good friend of Mark E ~ Kathy S (daughter of Robert & Bevia P) ~ anyone who grieves due to disease, gun violence, and war.  

We are also praying for: 

Harper ~ Char C had a stroke (Gerda T neighbor) ~ Kelley family ~ those experiencing devastating weather events ~ all those who are traveling ~ Anyone with Covid/ Delta/ Omicron viruses, Polio, hMPXV ~ Service men & women deployed for current world situations, including: Steve S ~ Gary & Jessica H ~ Christopher D ~ Travis S ~ Ethan B

If you would like someone added to the Circle of Prayer List, please call the church office 630-289-1320.

prayer list

Would you like someone added to the Circle of Prayer list? Please contact the church office at 630-289-1320.